Personal Loan

Personal loan is a loan to consumers for non-business purposes. Although the loan process in Germany is similar to most other countries, there are still differences and the German loan terminologies make it difficult to understand. We can guide you through the whole process, compare it with multiple banks and help you select the appropriate loan term with a low interest and to get the money as soon as possible. Whether it is a new loan or refinancing of old loans, book a free appointment to get a free consultation.


Home Loan

Owning a Home for individual use or for capital investment gives a feel of Financial stability. Lower interest rate of home loans in Germany makes it one of the attractive investments or a means to save the monthly rent & instead invest the same amount as monthly installment. Many expats are making use of stable jobs and high incomes to get loan with good conditions. Are you curious to know about this investment sector in Germany, feel free to book an appointment with experts and also read more for details


Car Loan

Living in a Heaven of Cars and no-speed-limit Highways, it’s no surprise that everyone would love to drive those technical marvels. There are several ways for owning a car in Germany, one of them is car loan with fixed monthly installments. Car loan in Germany is similar to installment loans. The minor difference is that the loan duration of car loan is bit shorter compared to personal loan and the providers of car loans is not just restricted to classical banks. Are you looking to buy your first personal car?


Loan for Expats in Germany is an easy to get capital once we understand the different terminologies process & documentation involved. Irrespective of the type of mortgage one is looking for, Loan for expats is based on the income, expenses, personal situation and also the visa status. The Loan conditions are purely based on individual profile and Schufa credit scores rather than fixed interest rate of individual banks as in certain other countries, so no two individuals will get loan with similar conditions, so don’t waste your time comparing with friends & family, each mortgage condition is unique. Germany is also a land of multiple unique financial instruments, one such instrument is Bauspar contract. Using this financial tool to our advantage, one can secure guaranteed lower interest for buying home for future investment. There are different phases like savings phase and allocation phase. There is also several government subsidies associated with bauspar contract

Another important aspect of the mortgage is the repayment period and Tilgung (Repayment term used in home loans). The Repayment period of any loan is primarily based on the age, repayment capacity of the credit taker. The Repayment capacity/monthly installment capacity of an individual is set at a maximum of 30 to 40 percent of an individual’s net income and loan repayment duration can be as long as 25-30 years for a home loan and between 12 months to 120 months for a personal loan . Based on this, one can approximately plan the monthly installment of a loan. The Flexibility to fix the percentage of principal repayment in the home loan is a unique feature, one can fix for example somewhere between 2-4% of principal repayment in the monthly installments. There are many such terms & process that one needs to understand. As soon one plan to look for a house or had already found a house and need guidance on loan process, its recommended to book an appointment, our professionals will help customers to understand the whole process in a simple way and find a suitable loan condition matching your requirement.

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