Riester Pension Plan

Riester Pension plan is one of the subsidized pension plans introduced by the German government in order to bolster the existing public pension system. This is designed to give the people, pension subsidy as well a tax saving benefit. Expats who relocate to Germany to make it their new homes also have a need to plan their pension retirement life. This financial tool helps expats to reach that goal. Government gives a subsidy for each adult of 175€ per year and a subsidy for each child born before 1st Jan 2008 185€ and born after 1st Jan 2008 gets 300€. How much advantageous it is for an individual needs an expert analysis, feel free to book an appointment.


Rürup Pension Plan

Rürup Pension plan is focused as a tax saving product for high earning employees and freelancers. For freelancers who are not voluntarily insured in the German public pension scheme, rürup pension is seen as an alternative option to be a basis for the retirement pension. It’s based on the principle “The more you earn, higher your tax savings”. Tax office taxes into account a maximum of 25,787 Euros in a year and joint assessment of couples even up to 51,574 Euros. Rürup pension will be paid out only in form monthly pension after retirement.


Kids Savings Plan

Children are the center of Everyone’s life. Financial independence of children is the important thought that runs into every parents mind every single day. There are multiple ways to invest and plan for child’s future education expenses. Other than the education expenses future also can bring unexpected costs. The other important aspect that a parent thinks is also how their children will financially manage in event of unexpected events. There are multiple ways by which one can ensure that the children will not be in a financial in event of parent’s death or disability.


Stock Investment

“The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect”- Warren Buffet. Germany backed by its highly industrialized and export focused industry makes its stock market robust and has been growing stable. German index funds, stocks, bonds, ETFS, crypto currencies are basic invest opportunities and there are many more financial products available for investors. Savings plan on ETFs are becoming increasingly popular with German investors. ETF savings plan are intuitively understandable, inexpensive, transparent and flexible to use, just like exchange traded index funds.


Real Estate Investment

Buying a dream home for individual use or Investing in rental properties in order to create a long term stable income is seen as real estate investment. The possibility that Germany has properties starting as low as few thousand Euros and can go up to millions of Euros creates an investment opportunity for everyone. The low interest mortgage conditions as well as potential value appreciation of real estate investments in Germany is making it attractive for investors. Investing in rental properties can also help in creating huge tax breaks every year for small scale investors as well.


There are lot of subsidies and investment opportunities for investors in Germany. Feel free to book an appointment to choose the right product.

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