Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance is available for students, freelancers & employees. The salary requirement of employees is 64350 Euros brutto per year. Private health insurance is designed for providing better coverage, quicker appointments & better services. The fact that most expats are young, healthy and are eligible enables them to save monthly contribution in spite of having a better coverage compared to public health insurance. Expats who work in Germany between 5 to 10 years, utilize the private health insurance to save their monthly contributions. It is one of the commonly utilized tools by Expats.


Household Insurance

Household Insurance covers damage due to external factors. Fire, storms, hail stones can damage the furniture & equipments in a home, and these cannot avoided when such an event occurs. Expats travelling back home for vacation for a longer period of time is a normal event and if there is any burglary, vandalism occurs due to ones absence, these financial damages are covered by household insurance. Damages caused by water line breakage or frost, voltage surges caused by lightning are also covered. Optionally flooding, earthquakes, bicycle thefts can also be covered.


Private Liability Insurance

Accidents or unexpected events can happen to anyone at the least expected time. Minor carelessness can cause huge financial consequences. It can be small as damaging an item which you have borrowed or can be silly spill of wine over a costly sofa at a party or loosing expensive keys of employer. Liability insurance is also seen as a requirement by landlords when taking in new tenants nowadays in Germany. Houses with furniture from landlords are better protected financially against unwanted accidental damages & losses with private liability insurance.


Legal Protection Insurance

Legal protection insurance gives free access to the lawyers. It covers both court related legal expenses as well as non court related legal expenses. One can consult a lawyer for advice or support with respect to any kind of litigation; if one get sued or want to sue anyone. With legal protection insurance, all this comes free of cost. There are several modules in legal protection insurance which gives an option to customize the necessary modules. Private module is seen as a compulsory module, there are others like employment module, traffic issues module, tenant module


Business Owner Insurance

Freelancers & business owner’s insurance is a necessity to handle the legal aspects of business. It covers costs such as legal and court fees, expert & appraiser costs, witness money (Zeugengelder), etc. Legal protection insurance for the self-employed not only protects one in the event of a lawsuit, but one can also seek legal advice if you need help with legal questions. For this one can use the advice service of many insurers as part of the legal protection. Because business relationships can lead to legal disputes at any time.


Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between a policy holder and an insurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money upon the death of an insured person. In Germany, it is used a term insurance where the insured sum can be a fixed amount or proportionally decreasing amount. It is most commonly used by Expats to secure the family in event of one’s death and also by home buyers in order to secure the loan amount, so that the family is not burdened by monthly installment in case of death or disability.


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